Platinum Purchase Program

Pillar Communities, being a leader in luxury apartment living, has designed a home purchase program called Platinum specifically designed for our residents, future residents and their friends and family members to achieve home ownership.

Platinum Purchase Program is performed by Pillar Realty, a full service real estate brokerage that represents the resident through every step of the real estate transaction.

Pillar Realty is highly experienced and dedicated to assisting residents from the pre-qualification process, touring homes, presenting offers through the day of ownership. Pillar Realty offers each resident our Platinum Benefit Guarantee. Our commitment to the resident is to make a seamless transition from being a resident to becoming a homeowner.

Whether you are interested in new construction or a re-sale home, we can make your home ownership goal a reality. We are experienced in all real estate markets throughout the Valley.

Simply call the Platinum Hotline Number (480) 471-6817 or email Mike Ryan at

Every Pillar Community office has a quick registration form and they are more than happy to help you with this.

Platinum Purchase Program

Becoming a resident of Pillar Communities opens the possibility of future home ownership and it is a simple as paying your rent on time each month of your lease.

Platinum Purchase Program is a home purchase program designed to help Pillar Communities current and future residents with the opportunity to purchase a home at the end of their lease term.

Every resident is automatically enrolled in the Pillar Platinum Program at NO COST on their move-in day. Simply by paying your rent you receive a guaranteed Platinum benefit to use towards the closing cost of your home.

How Platinum Works

Platinum Purchase Program is an exclusive home ownership program for Pillar Communities residents and their friends and family. A Pillar Realtor must represent you throughout the real estate transaction to redeem your Platinum credits.

The guaranteed Platinum Benefit will be discussed to you by our Professional Pillar Realtors. The Platinum Benefit is applied towards the purchase of your home.

You will be introduced to our Pillar Realtors who will represent you throughout the entire real estate transaction. Our Realtors are highly experienced in all phases of real estate. Whether you are interested in new construction or in the re-sale market we can provide you the professional guidance to make sound decisions.

Your Platinum benefits are transferable among our properties so you never lose if you transfer to another Pillar Community. The Platinum Benefit is also redeemable up to 12 months after moving away from our community.

No enrollment necessary, simply rent at any one of our communities and begin accumulating your Platinum Credit.

Platinum Program in Just 3 Easy Steps

1. Rent at one of our Pillar Community locations and begin earning your Platinum credits towards the purchase of your home.

2. When you are ready to get started, call the Platinum Hotline Number 480-471-6817 or email Mike Ryan in order to redeem your credits.

3. Purchase a home and cash in your credits.

Friends and Family

Being a resident of Pillar Communities allows you to refer your Friends and Family to the Platinum Purchase Program and they will receive a guaranteed Platinum Benefit on their home purchase. What an easy way to show your friends and family how living at a Pillar Community can help them achieve home ownership!

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